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Cryptocephalus rugicollis Olivier, 1791 ♂♀ ♥

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Cryptocephalus rugicollis Olivier, 1791 ♂♀ ♥
Common names: Cryptocéphale à corselet rugueux [Fr]

Lardos, RHODES ● Greece

Description: The male has black pronotum, legs and antennae, 3 spots on each elytron (typical form), and black edge on elytron. The female has only 2 spots on each elytron and is more elongate.
This species forms numerous colour variations.

Biology: It feeds on various genera of Asteraceae.

Distribution: South Europe, from Morocco and Portugal to Italy; Northern Africa; and also occurs in North Aegean Islands and West Turkey (new record), the most Eastest point of known range. Note the interesting interruption of its distribution.

Ramel A. Les Insectes

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