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Alopecosa albofasciata Brullé, 1832 ♂

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Alopecosa albofasciata Brullé, 1832 ♂

Aperi, KARPATHOS ● Greece

Description: 8-13 mm.
Male has a pattern distinct. Venter in both sexes black, with two longitudinal white stripes.

Biology: Adult moults already in April, adults present until end of May.

Habitat: Phrygana, olive grove, pasture, dry places. From the sea shore to c. 700 m.

Distribution: Mediterranean (from Iberian peninsula and North Africa) to Central Asia.

Thaler K., Buchar J. & Knoflach B., 2000.Notes of Wolf Spiders from Greece, Linzer Biol. Beitr., 32/2.


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